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Halloween promotion!

Hello dear players and guests,

As you know, the halloween is comming!

We’ve a host of new discounts going live later today, just in time for Halloween!!

SMS Paymentwall service promotion +10% more credits for same price!!! (promotion time: 25 october - 5 november) for all payment systems

All Paymentwall service promotion +25% more credits for same price!!! (promotion time: 25 october - 5 november) for all payment systems (except SMS).

PayPal service promotion +25% more credits for same price!!! (promotion time: 25 october - 5 november)

From 25 october till 5 november, get more credits for the same price!

Thanks to Paymentwall and PayPal for promotions in Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!

Posted by Daboy :: 24 October, 2014

Reopening of ''x100'' 27 September!

Hello dear players, 
We are going to reopening of x100 low server to get it more exciting! 
Server will get BIG UPDATE and will be opened 27. September 16.00 (GMT+2 - servertime)! Philippines - 21:00 (UTC +8) Argentina/Brazil - 10:00 (UTC -3) Spain - 15:00 (UTC +2)

All accounts, characters will be Deleted!

What is changed at this moment: 
[Fixed] allowed to Trade/Store in warehouse Cash Shop/Lucky and other items, what stucking in the inventory! 
[Fixed] Non-elemental damage getting rounded up on decimal value
[Fixed] PVP Attack Increase (Skill Tree)
[Fixed] Small wings pricing issues
[Fixed] Heart of Dark Lord issues
[Fixed] Disconnects while using range of Ancient items
[Fixed] Wizardy Attack Increase option does not working with range of weapons
[Fixed] Disappearing Siege NPC
[Fixed] Impossibility of bundling Trophy of War Items
[Fixed] Not working Arca Battle Reward Buff options
[Fixed] Impossibility of taking out the Errtels from mix machine
[Added] Completely new Imperial Guardian event (aka Imperial Fort)
[Fixed] Range of DC issues cause by Anti-Agility-Speed hack
[Added] New DoppelGanger event fixing all related reports
[Fixed] issue of receiving different ranges of exp for same monster level
[Fixed] issue of not receiving exp reward for completing Imperial Guardian event
[Fixed] not receiving reward points for completing Imperial Guardian event
[Fixed] elemental damage issue on Castle Siege event
[Added] More characters support of different languages.
[Fixed] Socket Options for shield items
[Fixed] Chain Drive Skill issues in Blood Castle
[Fixed] Possibility to warp to Battle zone directly from Imperial Guardian event
[Fixed] Issues with Cash Shop period items (Golden cloak etc.)
[Fixed] Losing Gens system points issue
[Fixed] Guild issues after finishing Arca battle event
[Fixed] range of issues with selected MG skills
[Fixed] Drain Life skill issues
[Fixed] Game Freeze on ExcItem drop when Monster killed by Summon
[Fixed] Fenrir not giving extra exp
[Fixed] Not giving auto DC after off-trade command on ex702
[Fixed] Low Magic Damage for MG
[Fixed] 5% Recovery option not working for 3rd level wings
[Fixed] invalid Sell and Buy money or no money for selling items in shops
[Added] NEW EVENT -  Arca War (EX702)

Changes in reset system: 
After reset all stats will be burned, and will be given fixed stat count (Formula: stats*reset) See the stats after reset policy: 
* BK, SM, DL = 600 Points Per reset. 
* MG, SUM, ELF, RF, FM = 700 Points Per reset. 
* Command at DarkLord dont burning. 
* Points for Resets multiplies to count Resets. 
* Resets Price: Reset count * 1kk Each reset,Example 1 res: 1kk, 2 res: 2kk. 
* Every reset you will get 25 credits 
* Grand resets are removed!
Posted by Daboy :: 27 September, 2014

March PayPal promotion for x100

Hello dear players,


We announcing March PayPal promotion.




Many players asking us for paypal discounts through direct payment, and we hear you!


From now till 15. March (15/03/2014). We announcing paypal discounts from donate through paypal you can get BONUS CREDITS!!!


For more info you can check webshop PayPal donate page.



Posted by Daboy :: 10 March, 2014


Hello dear players, marry x-mas & happy new year.


I think many of you have good & beautiful x-mas tree, the x-mas weekend is coming up and we announce new contest.


So lets show you x-mas trees!!!


All info here: http://forum.easymu.biz/topic/293-show-your-x-mas-tree-and-get-credits/ 

Posted by Daboy :: 22 December, 2013

x-mas sales & discounts!

Hello dear players,


Christmas are coming with huge steps for every of us. Have your Christmas tree ready now? Present bought? So it''s time to think about gifting something little to yourself!

Ho Ho Ho I would say if I would be a Santa, maybe I am one? You never know. Have a read below and decide yourself!


From 12-31. december we offer you xmas sale on credits!


Now buying credits you get from 10% till 30% more credits than before!!!


Happy holidays and happy new year!

Posted by Daboy :: 13 December, 2013

Latest server updates

Hello, today we announcing new update list!

Full info here: http://forum.easymu.biz/topic/201-server-update-restart-1-december-0300-x100x9999/

Thanks for all players, you are best! 

Posted by Daboy :: 1 December, 2013

December top voter event.

Hello dear players! We announcing new event called "TOP VOTER",
Prizes for DECEMBER top voters:
1. 780 credits
2. 500 credits.
3. 240 credits.
Your "TOP VOTER" Rank you can check here: http://low.easymu.biz/EasyMu.biz-TopVoter.html
Posted by Daboy :: 1 December, 2013