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Server "x100" on latest S9 version!

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Some time ago we presented S9 FINAL version on our HARD "x35" server - players really love it, have a lot of good feedbacks, and now we are going step forward and present you a latest FINAL SEASON 9 on x100, to promote the interests of the old players and to attract new!
There is it a final S9E5 is now here, previously S9E3 arrived to us in October 2016, and after one year we are moving forward and present you a FINAL episode - 5 of Season 9 on x100!
This is latest episode of season 9 before season X!
All accounts are saved, you do not need to register again!!! Deleted will be only Characters and Items

LOW RATE SERVER - x100 OPENING 30 JULY!!! (18:00 GMT+2)
Philippines - 23:00 (UTC +8) Argentina/Brazil - 12:00 (UTC -3) Spain - 17:00 (UTC +2)

Version: Season 9 (S9E5 FINAL)
Experience: x100...x150 (depends on party, solo exp - x100) - EXP in DS/BC - x120
Max grand resets: 5, every 50 resets (Free: 7750 credits!!!)
Rage Fighter / Summoner create: from 1 level
Guild Create from: 250 level
Reset from: 400 Level on web, stats burns!
Stats after reset: DW, DK, ELF, SUM, RF = 600 / MG, DL = 700, Dark Lord Command is = 300 points per reset.
Formula: Character reset count * Stats after reset = Free points.
Resets Price: Reset count * 1kk Each every reset.
Maximal stats: 65000 (65k)
Maximal character level: 420 | master level: 330 (total max level: 752)
For Each Reset Players get 3 Credits (Premium: 6 credits)
Vote Reward System: Each 12 Hours vote for server and get free credits

Unique Events & Features:
NEW MU Roomy Game
NEW Muun Pets
NEW 4 lvl wings
NEW location Urk Mountain
NEW Party Info System
NEW Event Inventory System
NEW Snake event (Green, Yellow, Purple)
NEW Offtrade Store System
NEW Pandora Mining sytem
NEW Debenter event
NEW Eggs of Monster event
NEW Protector of Archeron
NEW Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest event
NEW Reconnect System
NEW Pentagram & Elemental System
NEW Lucky items
NEW Party Matching System
NEW Guild Matching System
NEW Tradable seal & new transformation ring
NEW PVP accesories

More info about s9 features...

Posted by Daboy :: 16 July, 2016